A Game to Disperse People over a Large Area


  • dispersing tourists better around the area – day trips 
  • drawing attention to interesting places
  • creating entertainment for families 
  • communicating ethnic knowledge 

Target group: Holidaying families with children who stay in the area for 7-10 days. 

The story: The area is under threat from a ghost, monster or another creature which has been conjured. Everybody must work together to stop terrible things from happening. The solution is hidden in a magic word or a magic verse which no one can remember. 

The game: To find the magic word/verse you’ll need to search in many places. Each location has a puzzle which must be solved to see if it includes a part of the solution. When the word or verse is found, the solution guides the players to a location where they can find their prize or recognition. If the game is played through a centralised database, a scoreboard can be included so the players can compete against each other.

Material and technology: Use the history of the area or folktales. Create an adventure world around the game with characters as narrators or assistants which appear through audio or on video during the game. You can use Locatify or similar systems with positioning technology and a good connection to databases. Such systems even offer a possibility of connecting discount coupons to a nearby service once the puzzles are solved. The game can be played on a phone but it is also possible to print out a map of the area and interesting places, some of which have puzzles to solve. It’s also possible to add a travelogue to promote the game and the area.

A map for treasure hunt game in East Iceland.

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